Traducere Marketing

Marketing Translation

Product descriptions, publications for social media and promotional campaigns have to sell, convince and win over your target market. The only way to deliver high quality results is to have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the target audience. Your message and brand can easily get lost in translation if your content isn’t localized correctly. Trust our translation agency for your marketing texts and we guarantee they will have the expected impact.

Traducere Resurse Umane

HR Translation

HSE policies privacy policies, job descriptions, labour contracts, staff development programs, we can translate them all for you. Tell us more about how we can adapt our services to meet the translation needs of your human resources department. 

Traducere Financiara

Financial Translation

The most important translation techniques in the financial industry are the background knowledge, the attention to details and the ability to be organized. We can deliver high-quality, accurate financial translations for any kind of financial documents, such as balance sheets, financial reports, annual reports or investment opportunities, among others.

Traducere Tehnică

Technical Translation

When selling products and services outside national borders, the translation of technical documents is crucial. Patents, user manuals, health and safety instructions, these documents are important for every operation and business process. Technical translations involve specific documents usually produced by technical writers, professionals with a high level of expertise in their fields. Our technical translators have knowledge of the specialized terms both in the source and in the target languages in order to ensure that even the most complex content and meaning has been preserved in the translation process.

Traducere Juridica

Legal Translation

Of all the types of translation, the legal one is the most challenging. Translating legal documents is a highly specialized task which needs to be carried out by translators with extensive know ledge of both the source and the target legal systems to ensure that the desired legal results can be achieved. Whether you need us to translate agreements, articles of incorporation, leases or judicial documents, statements or legal opinions, our translators have the necessary skills to transfer content from one language to another in an accurate manner.

Traducere Medicală

Medical Translation

Medical translations are among the most important ones in terms of field knowledge and translation accuracy. When it comes to medical and pharmaceutical translations, errors and inaccuracies are to be avoided at all costs. A small error made when translating  documents and instructions concerning medical devices, summaries  of product specification information, medical software documentations and so on,  may have severe consequences.Thanks to an extensive network of professional medical translators, Expertlingua is able to provide excellent medical translation services.