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We work with specialised translators only

Our translators, with an experience of at least 5 years, combine technical expertise with proven linguistic ability. Specialised teams of translators are carefully assembled using stringent quality selection criteria. Working with a team of translators specialised in your field guarantees the best results.

Expertlingua lucrăm cu traducători specializați


We use the latest technology

We use professional translation technology, a big help in completing your project on time and within the budget. We believe our precise combination of knowledge, skill and revolutionary technologies enables us to deliver optimum results for each project. We wish to deliver a fast and efficient service and for that we use multiple computer-aided translation tools (CAT tools), term base editors and LQA tools. These tools speed up the translation process and ensure terminological consistency and high quality translations.

Expertlingua folosim cea mai noua tehnologie din domeniu


We are excellent communicators

We believe in communication and transparency, so as to provide you with the best customer support. Having one of our experts on hand to advise and assist you every step of the way means your problems can be easily turned into solutions. We are proud to provide excellent customer service and we value long-term partnerships.

Expertlingua comunicăm excelent


We always meet our deadlines

Meeting the deadlines is very important to us. In our effort to always keep our promises, we do not hesitate to start early and work late when needed.

Ne respectăm întotdeauna termenele